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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We finally started going to church again. We had visited several churches after we first moved here, but stopped going after Alisa was born because of her schedule (or lack thereof). We decided we'd be able to go now because she is on a pretty predictable schedule and can go many hours between feedings. I searched online for the next church to try...we are looking for a non-denominational church with people our age (preferably starting to have kids, like us). I found a couple of options that looked good and I chose the first one to try based on their website. It has their beliefs, info about the leadership team (including interests and musical taste, which are similar to ours) and other stuff.

The church meets at a YMCA on the south side of town. We went to the 10:30 AM service because Alisa usually sleeps in until 9:00 AM. The first thing we did was check in at the kids counter because it was right by the entrance. They asked Alisa's name, typed it in the computer and promptly printed 3 stickers--one large one with her name to stick on her back and 2 small ones with a number and letter that matched the ones on the large sticker. The smaller ones were for Craig and I--so that either of us could pick her up without them wondering if she was really our daughter or not...a bit of a security check. We passed by the table with bagels and coffee to go find the nursery. The pastor greeted us and led us back to the nursery. We were worried that Alisa would cry when we left her there because she has separation anxiety, but thankfully she did not. There were several girls working in the nursery and lots of toys for Alisa to play with so that helped.

The worship was our style--the leader sang and played guitar and there was another singer and the band, complete with a violinist. The message was good and short (we don't like really long services). The pastor came up to us afterwards and mentioned that he checked on the kids during the announcement break and saw that Alisa was doing fine. Nice of him to do that, to tell us and to remember her name.

The service was arranged slightly different than what we are used to. They sang one song then gave you a minute to fill out an information card (which we did since we were first time guests). They played a Radiohead song during that time, which we enjoyed because we like Radiohead and had never heard it played in church before. Next was a video clip they created that related to the message and yet was humorous. Then the pastor spoke and they ended with worship and the offering. They had free Bibles at end of each row that they encouraged anyone to use and to take home if desired. I'd never seen that before and was impressed.

The 2nd week that we went we stayed afterwards for the newcomers lunch to find out more about their community groups. The pastor sat at our table for quite awhile learning more about us and answering our questions. So far so good. Our next step is to choose a community group to go to on a weeknight. This just may be the church we settle into...with no further looking necessary (that would be nice).


Monday, January 07, 2008

Alisa is 9 Months Old Today

Alisa gained 7 oz this month--she went from 19 lbs to 19 lbs 7 oz. Her hair is noticeably longer again and her 2 bottom middle teeth have fully emerged.

Alisa likes to stand, but is wobbly on her feet. She sleeps 11 hours each night and started taking shorter naps (usually 30 minutes).

She went on her first long distance trip (3 weeks in Tulsa for Christmas and New Year's). She was overwhelmed at times with all the new faces but she did warm up to the family. She enjoyed watching her older cousins play, but sometimes needed to get away from all the noise. I worked almost full time from the office in Tulsa during our visit (since I had to be considered an independent consultant after moving to Florida and I no longer get any paid vacation) so Craig and Grandmom took care of Alisa during the day.

Nana (Craig's mom) mailed Alisa's Christmas presents from West Virginia and we opened them early since we didn't have room in the car for them during our trip to Tulsa. Here Alisa is playing with the "Tiny Love Musical Stack & Play" toy (it lights up and plays various sounds and songs when you drop a shaker ball in the elephant's head):

Craig adorned her with the elephant parts from her toy and, surprisingly, the ring stayed on her head for quite awhile:

Alisa loves playing with the nesting cups:

Tasty bath finger puppets:

Fun with bow that was on 2nd Christmas present she received (mailed from my friend Joyce in Texas):

Looking at the "Happy Baby Colors" book that Nana sent:

Lifting a flap on the "My Little People Farm Lift-the-Flap PlayBook" that Nana sent:

Sliding the book around on the carpet:

Looking at Reader's Digest with Grandmom (my mom):

With the grandparents in Tulsa:

Laughing with Grandad (my dad):

Baby's 1st Christmas hat:

Sitting on Jonathan's lap (my cousin). I think he was the only one she didn't get clingy and upset during the initial encounter. I think it's because he was smiling so big and he's such a joyful person that it put her at ease. She doesn't usually let people hold her when she first meets them and he got to hold her almost right away!

She couldn't get enough of standing by the popcorn tin and banging on it with a spoon:

Eating breakfast on the day she first said ma-ma (ironic that she said it when daddy was feeding her):

Grandmom was thoughtful and borrowed this highchair for Alisa from her church during our visit:

Alisa loved crawling under the chairs in the dining room at Grandmom & Grandad's house:

She made this face for the first time in Tulsa...and she did it repeatedly:

Alisa couldn't resist the ornaments on the tree:

Fun with Aunt Karen:

Alisa loved crawling on the hard floors at Grandmom & Grandad's house:

After opening first present on Christmas morning:

Christmas dress:

Playing with cousin Anna's new water baby:

Playing with Aunt Lindsay's necklace:

Anna loved playing with her youngest cousin Alisa:

Cousin Anna was very helpful:

Alisa scraped her forehead and nose on the coffee table at our friends' house. She was recovering from an illness, but kept wanting to stand and play at the table. She was a bit weak still and ended up falling and hitting the table with her chin and then forehead before I could catch her. Her forehead didn't bleed at all as just a thin layer of skin was scraped off...but it sure scabbed over well and looked bad.

New Walk 'N Ride toy:


Friday, January 04, 2008

90,000 miles

The odometer on my 2000 Honda reached 90,000 miles today: