This is my site where I will be sharing my thoughts, feelings and happenings. In the words of Austin Powers, "It's my happening, baby, and it freaks me out...yeah!" Enjoy!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Spider in My Keyboard!

Craig bought me a fancy new laptop for Mother's Day. I was strongly encouraged by my dad and the network guys at work to get one with Windows XP (as opposed to crappy Windows Vista) so I ordered a Dell online. I won't bore you with the specs, I'll just say it's a good one and I love it (it's my first laptop).

A few minutes ago, I was responding to an email while sitting on the couch with my laptop when a dime-sized spider scurried by my hand and went under the keys. I was horrified! I can't type knowing there is a spider somewhere under my fingers! I didn't want him to crawl out and get on me and I didn't want him to get squished, leaving his remains stuck under the keys. I put the laptop on the ottoman and ran the edge of a napkin in between the keys to see if the spider would move. He scurried under another key. When Craig came upstairs I asked him to get the vacuum (I didn't get it because I didn't want to look away and then not know if the spider had left or not because even if I didn't see him again I'd be paranoid that he was still lurking somewhere). Anyway, Craig turned on the vacuum and held the hose with crevice attachment close. I pushed the corner of the napkin under the Ctrl key where I thought he was hiding and he scurried under another key near the edge. Craig moved the vacuum hose closer and it scared the spider out of hiding and he crawled off my laptop and onto the ottoman. We had to move the ottoman to see where he'd gone...we found him crawling on the carpet so Craig vacuumed it up. I didn't want it getting on the couch and hiding in the blankets or Alisa's large stuffed bunny. Problem solved.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Flowers

Craig planted new flowers in our yard. He got them from his friend Brian (who got them from his job site) and we don't know what they are called yet. Do you know?