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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Alisa Pics

Here are the long-awaited pics of our baby Alisa...

Alisa is reaching to Daddy for help:

Alisa's first sponge bath:

Alisa had to have an IV in her arm to give her a few rounds of antibiotics to prevent any infections since she was born over 18 hours after my water broke:

Birth canal head:

My baby has a double chin:

No, she's not being strangled, she's being burped:

This is my favorite pic of super happy Daddy and baby:

First car ride:

Her head shape is returning to normal:

Alisa often falls asleep while we are burping her...we see this face often:

My mom came to visit from Tulsa and help us out for 2 weeks:

My mom made this awesome, super soft and fuzzy quilt for Alisa:

Alisa's 1st Easter was the day after she was born:

Our little burrito girl:

Alisa's hair before washing (it's really fluffy and soft after it's freshly washed):

Our chubby baby:

Alisa in her carseat:

Alisa in her fancy swing/bouncy seat combo:

Alisa's 1st home sponge bath:

Alisa crying after her bath (you won't see this face much):

Craig's Aunt Margie came to visit for a week from New Jersey:

Craig's Momma came to visit for a week from West Virginia:

Craig's Grandaddy came to visit for a week from South Florida:

Alisa swaddled in carseat: