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Monday, October 10, 2005

Seed Feast

The tree by our balcony attracts birds and squirrels, but we can't always see them very well because of the leaves. So, we bought a 25 lb bag of wild bird feed and put some in one of Craig's pots on top of the 55-gallon drum on our balcony (the water-tight drum was used to ship one of Craig's pots from Key Largo, Florida to the Oklahoma Aquarium).

The birds and squirrels love the seeds, of course. It's fun to watch them gather 'round. I don't know much about birds so I can't tell you all the kinds that have come just in one day, but I know there are several. I can tell you that cardinals and bluejays dine at our place (those are easy to identify). The other birds are intimidated by the bluejays so whenever the bluejays arrive, they get the spot all to themselves.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Last year I was annoyed by a little spider that was living in the passenger side mirror of my car. Every morning there was a fully spun web spanning from the mirror to the passenger side window. Sometimes the web was very large and as I drove faster one side would detach and it would flap in the wind. Then when I stopped, the web would fall flat against my car.

I left it there many times since it wasn't really in the way. But then I realized that as it laid flat against the painted parts of my car during the day, the sun would bake it and it would stick really good to the paint. I didn't want this, so I began removing the web every morning as soon as I saw it. I never saw the spider so I couldn't remove him to prevent future webs (I tried really spraying behind the mirror while washing my car but the spider held his ground!).

Eventually the spider left or was finally washed out by the rain and the webs stopped. Sweet relief.

Well, the other day I got into my car to drive to work and I saw a stinkin' spider web INSIDE my car! It stretched from the glove compartment to the passenger seat. I actually saw the tiny (and I mean TINY!) spider and removed him with a kleenex.....or so I thought.

The next day there was another web in the works so I realized I must not have gotten the little bugger out...or he had a friend. I was fortunate enough to notice the itsy bitsy spider crawling up the passenger seat so I removed him and made sure of it this time. Hooray!