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Monday, August 22, 2005

Hail Damage

On Wednesday afternoon (4-06-05) I was working when I heard lots of thunder and loud winds outside. I walked to the glass doors and watched the storm come in. It was so windy that both sets of double doors were actually blown open OUTWARD by the wind! Leaves and small branches were blowing all over the parking lot and it began to rain. The rain was soon followed by hail and I watched my car get pelted over and over again. There were no coverings nearby for me to move my car under so I watched helplessly. Some of the hail was REALLY large and did much damage to our cars. A guy at work took these pictures of the hail. Insane!

I still haven't bothered to get my car fixed (I'm not the only one though). The insurance wrote me a fat check and I'm having trouble parting with it. I stuck it in savings where it's earning 3.30% interest (that's great interest for a bank account!)

Repair companies still stick their adds on my windshield every once in awhile when I'm out shopping. 2 places I got estimates at said the hood and roof were so bad that they would just replace them rather than try to pop out all the dents.

Here are some pics of my car (hard to take because of all the reflections...the damage looks much worse in person):


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