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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Shopping Weaknesses

My weaknesses when it comes to buying things are....

KITCHEN GADGETS - I like to cook (mostly so I can eat good food since I don't always enjoy the cooking process) and I love having kitchen pots/pans/utensils/gadgets to make my job easier. I have a lot of Pampered Chef items because they are well-made. Back in the day when Craig and I were dating, I found it difficult to cook in his bachelor pad because they had very few pots and pans and they were usually dirty so I had to wash them so I could use them. I made sure to have multiples of the stuff I use the most after we got married to avoid that frustration.

BABY ITEMS - I'm excited to finally have my own baby to shop for! Baby stuff is so cute! I like browsing the aisles to see if there are nifty inventions I could use. My latest purchase was a little container that holds formula powder in separate sections for 3 8-oz bottles and a formula mixer that eliminates powder clumps. Before, I'd scoop the formula powder into a snack-size ziplock bag and put the scoop in the bag for use when I am out running around and Alisa needs to eat. Now, I measure the formula powder at home and put the container in the diaper bag so when I am out and need to make a bottle, I just dump one section of the container into the bottle of water and I don't even have to think about measurements.

PURSES/BAGS - I'm always searching for the perfect that has the right pockets for all my stuff so I can easily reach into my purse without looking and pull out what I need. In high school and college the purses I always had were small because I didn't need to carry around much stuff. Now, they are bigger because I have more things like my digital camera, cell phone, Sony CLIE, stash of coupons, hand sanitizer, etc. I never buy expensive purses (I bought one for $40 many years ago but the rest were under $20). Since I use my purse every day I get tired of one after awhile and like to switch it out with an old one (or with a new one if I found a good one). And about bags...I have various bags and backpacks for airplane carry-on, road trip to-do bag, hiking, going to the beach, etc. I even bought a tote-bag for when I had jury duty years ago because I wanted one that could hold snacks, books, magazines, my purse and a light jacket.

So, those are my shopping weaknesses. Whenever I'm in a store that has those items I like to browse those sections and often end up buying something...those are my regular unplanned purchases. Buying shoes is not one of my weaknesses because most of them cost more than $40 so I can't afford to buy them often (though I would like to have more). Oh, and another thing I love is blankets (probably because I get cold easily so I'm always wrapping one around me when sitting in the living room in the fall and winter). I don't buy blankets as often as I want to because we honestly just don't need any more. Those really soft fuzzy ones are sure hard to resist though!


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